Hand Therapy Associates

Work Conditioning

The work-conditioning program is an assessment of an individual's work-related abilities, specific to his/her current job or placement in an alternative position. Doctors, insurance companies and Department of Labor utilize FCEs for a number of reasons, including ability to return to work and level of disability. Manual Therapy - all of our therapists are skilled at many forms of manual (hands on) therapy,including joint mobilization, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization and muscle stretching.

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning -
specific programs that are created to return a
patient to work as soon and as safely as possible.
Strength-Conditioning - with most injuries or
long-term conditions, you may experience a loss
of strength in your hand. The therapist will determine the amount of muscle loss and will begin a strengthening program to enhance function and restore strength.
The purpose of the program is to safely return the patient to the work force. Many times the patient will begin work conditioning when traditional
therapy is completed but the patient is still
unable to perform certain aspects of his job
Range of Motion - many patient have limited motion of their hand because of injury or pain. The therapist will work with the patient to regain that motion in the clinic, and will instruct the patient in a personalized stretching program to perform at home.
Job Analysis - the therapists identify the physical demands required in a particular job. The therapists analyze the different parts of the patient's job,
breaks them down and then simulates those activities for the patient to perform in a safe environment.
A physician's order is required to initiate Work Conditioning. The Occupational Therapist works with the patient, physician, and many times the employer to determine what the goals of the program should be